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Keep Calm and Skate On

Skateboarding is just as popular as ever and Gulf Wind has the best selection in town of skateboards!

You get to pick your deck, trucks, tape, wheels and accessories and we build your complete board right here in the shop! We have ready to go boards too, but people really dig getting to build there own.

We also have all the little parts and pieces, so if anything ever breaks, bring your board in and we will get it fixed up fast. Our shop is right down the street from our local skate park too!

At LIV Adventures, we carry the best name brands of the highest quality boards in the world. Our expert team can walk you through our options and get you on the perfect board for you.

We’re just 2 minutes to the skate park!

LIV Adventures is only a 2 minute drive to our local South Walton Skate Park, located at Helen McCall Park!

First Time Skateboaring?

Watch this excellent video tutorial on the basics of skate boarding. Feel confident your first time out skating.

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