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Surfing + Skating = Skimboarding

Get ready for a wild ride on the water! Skimboarding is like surfing’s cool cousin who hangs out by the shore. You grab a sleek, flat board called a skimboard and throw it onto the wet sand. Then, with a burst of energy, you jump onto it and glide across the thin layer of water, catching waves and pulling off sick tricks. It’s a rad mix of surfing and skateboarding, requiring balance, agility, and a sense of adventure.

Skimboarding brings endless fun, adrenaline, and good times at the beach. Whether you are a newbie or a pro, LIV Adventures has the board for you. We carry all the best brands and many different sizes and types of skim boards. We will walk you through the process and get you on the best board for you. 

First Time Skim Boarding?

Watch this excellent video tutorial on the basics of skim boarding. Feel confident your first time out on the water.

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